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News Catalyst helps news organizations transform themselves into sustainable digital businesses.

We accomplish this by providing tools, fostering collaboration, and promoting experimentation within the news industry.

Our focus is in areas which news organizations have traditionally underinvested, like product development, data, analytics, digital storytelling, mobile and engagement. Where there are gaps in capability, News Catalyst fills them by providing tools, technology, training, hands-on support and expertise.

Read more about our team here. We publish the latest updates about our work on our Medium publication.

What we do

Tools and technology


We put the right tools and technology in the hands of the news organizations that need them. By assessing the current market of digital tools, we identify the best tools available, support those tools, and provide easy, streamlined access to them for news organizations.

Hands-on collaboration

Scrum board

We conduct product-oriented collaborations with news organizations that aim to drive new revenue. Our collaborations connect and empower product teams across the industry, injecting new product thinking into organizations trying to change their digital approach and achieve sustainability.

Learning and expertise

Pair programming

We develop training resources targeted at helping news leaders develop the knowledge and skills they need to be effective agents of digital transformation. We focus especially on developing product management skills that are rapidly becoming critical for innovation.

We need your help

Partner with us

We’re seeking to collaborate with partner news organizations on a product-focused challenge in your news organization.

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